Meomari Canine Patisserie

Looking for a unique and luxurious alternative for a dog treat or dog drink for your loved dog? In line with Meomari’s heritage and high-class art of living, patisserie deserts and beverages have been developed for your dog. Meomari believes that each cherished dog must experience the luxurious feeling of an authentic Venetian Bellini or a Classic Prosecco. Cheering all together has never been this special, Meomari guarantees. Apple and Lemon Juice, Peach Puree and Cinnamon. These non-alcohol sparkling wines contain only organic and delicious ingredients, and will give your dog the feeling of luxury that Meomari is proud to offer

For the realisation of dog treats, carefully selected patisserie deserts are handcrafted in Tuscany to represent Italian culinary tradition and most importantly to satisfy the appetite of your dogs. Sicilian Cannoli for the most researched taste, or Stelle Chioc for an exquisite guilty pleasure. Containing no added sugars and making use of only high-quality natural ingredients, these fancy snacks are approved with the cooperation of a veterinarian nutritionist. That’s why Meomari is different. Either Cannoli or Stelle Chioc, we are sure your dogs will love them. During breakfast, a classy festive event, or just an inglorious midnight-snack. Perfect for your celebrations and dog’s birthdays. Or, why not, any Sunday brunch. Let your beloved dog truly experience the same level of luxury as you indulge yourself in, as they deserve it for loving you unconditionally. Patisserie deserts and beverages, your favourite dogs can finally relish with you.