Meomari Italian Hand Craftsmanship

Hand craftsmanship is imperative for Meomari, as it is the only way through which a product is truly authentic. Thus Italy, where the production is based, surely is not a difficult choice, with its vast array of artisanal fashion and home to the Italian school. The importance of our pet accessories being made in Italy lays in the Italian manufacturing heritage and experience, chosen to guarantee only the utmost quality, and to correctly satisfy Made in Italy. For this, Meomari does not represent only fancy words or a marketing slogan, but a belief in luxury.
The careful selection of experienced manufacturers and suppliers makes it possible, merging new innovative ideas and designs with decades of experience offered by our partners. Meomari alone would not be able otherwise to provide a superior feeling along the entire collection of pet accessories, if either the experience, selection of the best materials or expertise would be neglected in the process. The ideation and production of Meomari pet accessories made in Italy takes deep care of ethical manufacturing too, ensuring the right working conditions of any entity involved, careful testing of products and reduced waste along the production line. Without cutting corners on costs and ethical procedures.The ideation and production of Meomari pet accessories takes deep care of ethical manufacturing in that the whole process from procurement of resources to final product happens in Italy with real leather, thereby respecting the true essence of Italian Hand Craftsmanship. Meomari is certain that you will love its pet accessories Made in Italy, and your canines will be forever grateful.