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Quality assurance

At Meomari we believe your products should last a lifetime while ageing gracefully. The quality and characteristics of the leathers and hardware used at Meomari ensure the highest grade of durability, comfort and appearance. All products are stress tested and will stand the test of time.



With continued use cow leather outlasts any fabric’s longevity and even improves with age. Cow leather is by nature resilient and resists tearing, cracking and fading. With proper care, cow leather products last a lifetime.

Alternatives such as the highest standard of vegan leather are of lower quality. Vegan leather has a short lifespan, tends to discolour and deteriorate within a few years. Vegan leather is much less durable than cow leather and tends to be thinner, causing tears or scuffs over time, potentially causing dangerous situations when the fabric cannot ensure the required structural integrity.

Meomari uses only the highest quality of cow leathers ensuring the required quality, longevity and durability.



100% brass hardware ensures the required structural integrity whilst providing a warm elegant glow. Brass is resistant to damp conditions and does not rust. It has antibacterial properties and is therefore cleaner and safer to use as it comes in contact with you, your pet and the outdoors. Brass is easy to maintain and is easily re-used making it particularly durable.

Meomari’s hardware is made of 100% brass, covered with the highest quality of coating to ensure its longevity and enhance its elegance.  



To ensure your Meomari product ages gracefully while used on a daily basis it is best kept out of direct heat and sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Stains can be wiped off with a damp cloth. If the leather feels dry it can be treated with leather conditioner for vegetable tanned leather. It is advised to test the leather conditioner on an invisible surface prior to treating it onto your product.

Never attempt to use chemical spot cleaners. For severe stains or damage, consult a leather repair specialist.


Perfectly sized collars and appropriately matched leashes provide not only the best aesthetical appearance and comfort for your pet. It ensures the products stay in their intended shape. Whenever small sized collars and leashes are worn by pets bigger than the sizes are intended for, the products might not endure the pulling force and start to show signs of stress. To maintain the comfort, quality and beauty of the product, as well as prevent dangerous situations from occurring it is provided to follow the Meomari size chart.