Today is Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day celebrates the existence of mothers, motherhood, maternal bonds and is dedicated to all mothers. Mother’s Day is for you too, dog mothers! The emotions of motherhood are beyond species. We love our dogs unconditionally as much as they love us, and whilst they give us endless affection and comfort; we care for them just like a mother would care for her child. Whether you are a dog mother to a puppy picked from a dog litter, a shelter rescue or a foster who is awaiting a forever home; on behalf of beloved pets everywhere, Meomari wishes you a Happy Mother’s Day. 

Last week on our Instagram account, we asked our followers to share their preferred dog shelters in the Netherlands. The purpose of this was to choose a shelter to donate to in honour of this Mother’s Day.  

We happily announce that we donated collars, leashes, and patisserie products to the Dierenbescherming Spijkenisse Shelter. The Dierenbescherming work towards preventing animal suffering, providing emergency aid to animals and they provide shelter and relocation for animals all over the Netherlands. To find out more about what they do or to donate please visit their website here. 

Dog Animal homelessness: A world crisis 

The World Health Organisation estimates there are around 200 million stray dogs worldwide. A stray dog is a homeless dog or a free-roaming dog without an owner or any other person to take care of it. Uncontrolled reproduction of stray dogs leads to a global stray dog population crisis and animal shelters play a vital role in the solution to this problem. Animal Shelters continuously work for animal welfare. They shelter the animals in need, provide medical care, human care, find new homes for them, reunite pets with their owners. 

First Country with No Stray Dogs 

Did you know the Netherlands is the first country in the world without any stray dogs? Due to an extensive sterilisation program the Netherlands has 0 stray dogs. The Netherlands’ first national legislation related to animal welfare came in the 1886 Criminal Code which made animal cruelty a crime. Abusing animals in the Netherlands is punishable with prison sentence and penalised heavily. If a pet gets abused, it will be rescued and moved to a no-kill shelter by Animal Welfare Control forces.  

The solution to animal homelessness is quite simple: adopt animals from shelters instead of buying them from breeders or pet shops and prevent unwanted reproduction.  

Make this Dog Mother’s Day Memorable  

If you are considering adopting any time soon, this Mother’s Day might be the perfect opportunity for it. Visit an animal shelter and give a second chance to a deserving animal: A Mother’s Day Dog! On a day like Mother’s Day, the warmth of a home is something we wish upon all beings: human and canine.  

Remember, you cannot change a dog’s past, but you could rewrite his future. 

Cordiali Saluti,