Looking forward to revolutionizing the future of pet brands, Meomari started its journey at the dawn of 2020, by pursuing perfection with exceptional design and uncompromised quality.

Part of our ever-evolving vision, driven by our love for dogs and the commitment for the creation of an authentic made-in-Italy brand and experience, is the transformation of what is conventionally accepted. It is only by offering the most luxurious alternatives to regular dog accessories, that Meomari successfully manages to fiercely challenge the traditional perception of pet brands.

On the other end of the spectrum, our mission is not identified as a final goal to be achieved, but as a way of living, marked by the combination of luxury fashion and the highest level of professionality, through which business is constantly conducted.

Luxury, artistry and elegance are not the only core values we proudly identify with. Charitable commitments are equally fundamental for Meomari. We hold ourselves responsible for contributing our time and resources to positively influence the lives of dogs in need. Monetary contributions, voluntary support and product donations will be made on a yearly basis and reported in our yearly charitable impact report, first to be published in February 2023

The entirety of the mentioned goals, ideas and perspectives would not find a realistic character without the fundamental effort of a strong compliance of trusted partners, our suppliers. Thanks to them, high-level manufacturing in Italy is possible, with no disregard for sustainable practices. Italian heritage, upon which our philosophy is heavily based, could not be correctly represented otherwise.